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High School Interns on our media team use marketing skills to develop a strategy and create assets like video reels, podcasts, website pages and social posts

From Learning to Earning

Brandie Holmon is a Junior at Cass Technical High School


Video Production 

"Our team collaborated on a brand video showcasing YouthTank's Summer iOS Mobility Accelerator at the Apple Developer Academy in Detroit. Working with a professional videographer, we helped conceptualize the film, crafted questions, conducted interviews and edited footage.  Now I can expand those skills for my future professional opportunities." 


Social Media Management

“Working on a team of people who get stuff done is something I love about YouthTank. Everybody is so willing to do their part and everyone has so many amazing ideas.” 

Social Media production is an employable skill. A team of 4 interns ran YouthTank's summer social media campaign on TikTok, Insta & LinkedIn using strategy and daily posts.


Lead intern Kaitlyn Canady is a Junior at Cass Technical High School 




Deja Granger is a Junior Program Director at YouthTank Detroit and a Senior at the Isabella Banks Institute for Entrepreneurship at Central Michigan University
“Interviewing with Professor G was such a great and impactful experience. The advice he gives is so timely because I’m currently learning these things now in my journey through entrepreneurship. I’m forever grateful to him for pointing me in the direction of YouthTank, where I've had the opportunity to record a podcast to share our experiences.”


Website Design

Web design is full of opportunities to be creative, focus on critical thinking, and solve problems. All of these skills are valuable in multiple career fields and walks of life. At YouthTank, we continue to uplevel our online presence through the ingenuity of our interns.

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